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I am delighted to introduce to you the website of William Walton Trust. As international appreciation continues to grow for one of the great men of British music we hope that this site will prove interesting and informative both to those who are looking for general information and to those seeking specialist help.

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The William Walton Trust and the Fondazione William Walton e La Mortella have the following general objectives:

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You do not know Giardini la Mortella?

Visit the site of the spectacular subtropical and mediterranean garden developed since 1956 by the late Susana Walton.

Giardini la Mortella

Fantasia Concertante, for two pianos, jazz band and orchestra (1923-4) - lost

• Composition: 1923–4
First Performance: This work was never performed.
Craggs Catalogue Number: C14
Instrumentation: Two piano soloists, Jazz band, Orchestra [Walton’s intended instrumentation for the jazz band and orchestra is unknown.]
Manuscript: There is no surviving manuscript of this work.
Publication: This work was never published.
Recordings: This work was never recorded.